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    "Biggest East-European record label"

    According to our listeners of course. We don't award ourselfs titles 😂

    The main focus of our record label is to give up and coming talent the opportunity to showcase their unique skills as producers, or even to perform on the big stages 🎵

    The motivation behind this came from realising that in the East-European region Electronic Dance Music didn't evolve as much as in the rest of the world, so we would love to be the ones to change that!

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    "So how can I take part?"

    That's the question we get asked the most.

    It's pretty easy actually. As most record labels, we accept demos for reviews. However, the reviews are done specifically by a selected group of people with a long music background.

    This way we are hoping to avoid the "spam comments" situation that we see on the bigger record labels like Spinnin'Records. We also guarantee that every single submited demo will be given a fair chance.

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    "What would a collaboration with Spacer RCRDS mean in terms of revenue?"

    We don't take anything that isn't ours.

    Almost all the revenue gets back to the artists. Even the small amounts that we get we invest back into advertisement campaigns or tours.

    We really believe that the producer should get the majority of the revenue, at the end of the day the artist is the most essential piece. We've never taken more than 25%, you can ask the other producers😉

Top Countries that we want to see on the big stages



Not a lot of producers, and more festivals wouldn't hurt



Ok in terms of clubs and shows, but almost no producers



They seem to be doing good on their own, but they don't have to live in a different universe



To be honest we don't even know the situation there, but it looks too quiet